About Me

Since I was child, I have been looking for the meaning of life and the right ways, principles and knowledge of how to live happily, successfully, in harmony with other people, nature and at the same time be successful and effective.

That's how I found yoga in 2002, Lilleoru ashram in 2004 and started study of Vedic mantras in 2013.

Since I have liked singing all my life, I have sung in many different ensembles: from the kindergarten singing group, the school's mixed choir and the women's choir of the technical school, the adult women's choir in Kadrina, the church choir in Rakvere, until finally I found a real dedication to runo singing joining the runo singing ensemble Kadrina Kadride in 2002.

As a part of the continous and ongoing self-development, I am still active in the Lilleoru. Since 2012, I have been a pujari (the conductor of ceremonies) there requiring reciting many mantras and singing devotional songs during ceremonies.

The profession of pujari led to the need to learn to pronounce Vedic mantras more accurately, to learn their meaning - that is to learn to master them. This need brought into my life the teacher of Vedic mantras, Radha Sundararajan, in 2013, who was a student of TKV.Desikachari, who in turn was the son and student of the world-famous yogi, Ayurvedic therapist and Vedic scholar T.Tiruvannamalai. As a student of Radha, I received a thorough dedication to the lifelong path of Vedic mantras, eventually being the organizer of her courses in Estonia.

In 2019, I completed a 3-year course as a Vedic chant teacher under the guidance of Radha Sundarajan and Helen MacPherson, becoming a certified teacher of Vedic mantras.

In 2021, I continued studying Vedic mantras under the guidance of teacher Shantala Sriramaiah.

In 2013 I graduated Veda Studies and Indica Yoga Academia one year long Vedic Chanting Teacher Training program. About my path, life and vedic chanting please read  the interview with Sophia French  in Veda studies homepage.