4. august, 2023

Healing Power of Vedic Mantras

Kirna Manor,
Thursday, 03 Aug., at 19:00 - 21:00

Mantrate tervendav vagi tootuba merike tazaga

In the workshop introducing Vedic mantras, we learn about the Vedas and mantras.
• What are the Vedas?
• What are mantras?
• Why is it good to say them?
• How to say them well?
• We will learn the simplest and most powerful mantras on the spot!
• We can experience the healing and uplifting effects of simple and well-known mantras.

In this workshop we will learn very simple and well-known mantras:
• Om̐ ॐ – how to use for healing all levels of the body and opening, clearing, healing energy centers
• Oṁ Namaḥ Śivaya – maha mantra or greatest mantra
• Mahā Mṛtyuñjaya mantra – Mantra for overcoming death and disease
• Soham - Mantra of Oneness with Universal Harmony Consciousness and Bliss
• Asato ma sadgamaya - Prayer of the Divine Nature

The workshop is open and beneficial to anyone interested in sound, healing, yoga, mantra or meditation.

Chanting mantras is within everyone's reach, it does not require special skills!